Frequently asked questions

How to become a fashion model?

I would suggest a few resources from fashion-modeling-online. You can go to the homepage and view the video. You should also look up and call the closest modeling agency to your hometown. Tell them you are interested in becoming a model. They will probably want a few photographs to see what you look like. Make sure you have a headshot picture as well as a body shot.

What qualities are required for modeling?

You need to want to be a model and be committed to achieving it! It might sound obvious but it is amazing how many prospective models realize they can't do a shoot for many weeks and then give up. Having the right look and figure is also important but without determination you will not succeed. If you want to be a model then you should always be professional in your attitude. If you provide a phone number or email address you should always return contact promptly.

Is there an age requirement?

It's a matter of economics. Most models have relatively short careers. Though many work through their late 20s and early 30s, the average "retirement" age is still comparatively young. The earlier a model gets started, the longer he or she can work. For Model Search, girls must be ages 14 to 22 and guys ages 16 to 24.

How much commission will Elite Model Events acquire?

A range from 15%-20% for print and illustrate work in America agency commissions. Only 10% are permissible for TV commercials and film work agents by S.A.G. rules 40%-50% may deduct in Europe, Japan, and other foreign markets agencies. The extra 20%-30% is consideration to go to the countries government for income taxes, etc

By joining Elite Model Events will I be guaranteed work?

No company can guarantee a job placement to its members. As it all depends on his/hers portfolio and overall potential. However, the amount of professionalism we deliver gives you a great advantage in getting work.We maximise exposure, thus helping you to be noticed by the correct person.

How expensive is a promotional model?

That all depends on the event location, hours, attire, required experience, and model responsibilities. However, we always work with our clients to find a price reasonable to all. We pride ourselves in offering the highest value for the dollar in the entire industry.

How far in advance should I book?

There’s no exact timeline, however we recommend you book at least 10 weeks in advance of a larger event, and 4 weeks in advance of a smaller event. This allows us to get the best talent while they’re still available. If you’re unsure about your event size, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Why are there different rates for certain models?

We rank each of our models based on a five-star system, taking into account experience, past performance, and range of abilities. The higher the ranking, the more in demand these models become. The more in demand, the higher the rate.

First, tell us about your brand, your event, and your goals. Let us know the dates, location, hours, and number of models you think you’ll need. We will then generate a list of suggested candidates from our national database, allowing you to peruse their pictures and past experience. You can choose anyone you like – even those we haven’t recommended. That list is just for your convenience, but you are in no way limited to whom you can choose. And remember: You always make the final selection.

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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